August 1, 2009

Updated my 'truths' section. Also, wearing Nuv's clothes right now.

I had to go to my annual inside-scrapings appointment with my beautifully unflappable male doctor who practices in Ladner. A hop, skip and jump from my end of Vancouver if you were a mutant rabbit with laser legs. Trying to find a new MD in Vancouver is nearly impossible-almost everybody I know who has transplanted here puts their health in the flippant hands of Walk in Clinic MD's who have about as much vested in your health as the guy out back rooting through the trash. One distinguished white haired MD at the clinic on Commercial used the term "eating pussy" with Nuv one time-Appropriate!
So, I'm about as far from home as I can get, circling Ladner looking for coffee to kill some time before the appointment, when suddenly hitting the gas pedal makes a revving sound but doesn't actually accelerate.
There is no greater dread for me than any type of car failure. I am BARELY over my flat tire phobia of 2008 and now this. If you had to pass exams about really really basic car knowledge in order to drive, I would not pass. My BCAA membership lapsed 12 days earlier. I am in Ladner. I want my Mama.
But, when you have tearfully willed your car into a McDonald's parking lot and barely had enough juice to get it into a parking spot, but you did it!, getting a pap smear is like eating a popsicle in the shade in Maui with zero percent body fat and good hair. I breezed in and out of that office like a spa visit because perspective is an amazing thing and now I had to figure out what to do with this large white machine that won't go when I press down the gas pedal and if that isn't the most basic working of a car then I don't know what is. I did know this-it smelled really expensive.
After many people I adore rescued me, I had the car towed to a mechanic and got dropped off at school. Because after all, it is a Thursday, and after a morning comparable to a face tattoo done while rattlesnakes lay on my chest, I still have to get through 6 hours of Flash.
It was the transmission. It was 1400 dollars. I had to use my U-Pass for the first time and almost puked with joy when I successfully took the bus to and from school (thanks Thomas!) without ending up in Whalley. I had a flat tire on the car I borrowed while waiting for my car to get fixed. I almost died picking up the car when I sat in the curb lane. I will have paid off this car in October, ten years after I first leased it. I love you white Honda-now please stop fucking around.

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